Andy Detwiler Truck accident, death cause and daughter

Who was Andy Detwiler? Popular man behind ‘Harmless Farmer’ a popular Youtuber passed away.

Andy Detwiler who is known as Harmless Farmer and is a popular YouTuber has apparently died. His death has been apparently been a huge news for the people around him. His death news has been shared online and people are discussing a lot about his death as of now. He was very famous and had millions followers on his channel.

If you are curious and do not have any update about his death then this post is the one you should go through properly. Let us know more about this amazing man and his personality. This post has also covered about his death cause. He was a great happy-go-lucky guy and he will be missed a lot.

Life of Andy Detwiler

Andy Detwiler was a great farmer and he used to farm along with his father and uncle. The name of his father is Tom and the name of his uncle is John. They all used to farm together and they had a huge farmland of around 1300 acres. This farmland is around Mid Western Ohio. He used to farm soybeans and corns in his farm and he used to be feeling happy about his activities. When he as a child he had lost his arms due to accident and after that for every activity including farming he used to use his feet. He was just 2 years old when this had happened.

Death cause of Harmless Farmer

As per the news, the Harmless Farmer died in truck accident.

When this news was going through publication process the death cause of this guy was not known and once we get update about the death cause of this guy we will surely update it here. It is tremendously terrible news for his fans who followed him in YouTube.

His family is not able to come out of this death because it is very fresh. His neighbors are also pretty upset as they are losing a pretty good friend.

Andy Detwiler Family and Daughter

We also heard of the Andy Detwiler’s family and daughter on the channel. He featured them in few videos on the channel.

Also the family had confirmed the death news of the Andy Detwiler. He was a very nice and good man. The fans gonna miss him for videos. He made his name in the YouTube community.

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