Joelle Rich age and husband, who is Johnny Depp’s lawyer girlfriend?

joelle rich

Rumors are spreading that Johnny Depp is dating the lawyer who fought against Amber Heard Johnny Depp has actually has now flown deeply in to the love world. Johnny Depp has come out of the latest debacle and found himself in love again and this news is making his fans and followers feel good for … Read more

Andy Detwiler Truck accident, death cause and daughter

Andy Detwiler

Who was Andy Detwiler? Popular man behind ‘Harmless Farmer’ a popular Youtuber passed away. Andy Detwiler who is known as Harmless Farmer and is a popular YouTuber has apparently died. His death has been apparently been a huge news for the people around him. His death news has been shared online and people are discussing … Read more

Who was Samkelo Ndlovu? Death Cause of Lumko Johnson’s long-time friend

Samkelo Ndlovu

Fans mourned on the death of Lumko Johnson’s long-time friend Samkelo Ndlovu. Who was she? cause of death and obituary Samkelo Ndlovu is a famous personality and is the best friend of Lumko Johnson. Lumko Johnson is a lady who was an amazing personality as far as the field of media is concerned. She has … Read more

Who is Hope Dezember? Film producer and lady of Hope for Steve movie

hope dezember

Who is film producer Hope Dezember? Wife of Steve Dezember and documentary movie.  You may have heard the story of several people, yet the story of Hope Dezember goes on unheard. We actually felt the requirement of giving the best value to the person’s contribution, and here we are with all the information we have … Read more

Who was Steve Dezember? Story of Hope for Steve and marriage

hope for steve

We are remembering the man who proposed to girlfriend two days after ALS diagnosis. The brave man who inspired and fight for love 6 years later. We are remebering Steve Dezember and his love story of an unconditional love. Love stories are seen in movies they say but they never say that these love stories … Read more