Joelle Rich age and husband, who is Johnny Depp’s lawyer girlfriend?

Rumors are spreading that Johnny Depp is dating the lawyer who fought against Amber Heard

Johnny Depp has actually has now flown deeply in to the love world. Johnny Depp has come out of the latest debacle and found himself in love again and this news is making his fans and followers feel good for him. He was having quite a terrible time but with this his personal life can improve quite a lot without any doubts at all.

Are you up for the guessing game? Well there are rumours that Joelle Rich might be in relation with Johnny Depp. For those of you who are thinking who is this lady then you all should know that she is none other than the lawyer who represented Johnny Depp in the case against Amber Heard.

Who is Joelle Rich?

The trial was tiring and went for too long this led to the development of a good chemistry between Johnny Depp and this amazing lawyer. Let us know about this lady and about her rumoured relation with Johnny Depp.

This lady lawyer is based in London. She is around just 37 years old now and that makes her 22 years younger as compared to the legendary Johnny Depp. She is married as of now but is actually separated. With her husband with whom she is not sharing a good relationship now, she has got two kids.

Is Joelle Rich married or not?

As of now we are not sure if she is in relationship with Johnny Depp has started or not but people who know them are saying the chemistry is going too strong at the moment and you cannot miss on that because their relation is looking as if it is the real deal now. If you are rooting for this relation then this might be the good news for you without any doubt. This is something that might be cheering Johnny Depp nowadays.

According to PageSix, she is married but divorced. Her dating and relationship with actor Johnny Depp are the rumors and fanmade theory on the social media.

Who is Joelle Rich, rumoured girlfriend of Johnny Depp?

If you look at the bio of this astonishing lady, you will see that she is a partner at a law firm. The law firm is called Schillings, and Schillings is in London. She is known to defend public faces against the defamation issues. She claims that she protects the private life of a celebrity both inside and outside the court. She has been working quite well to gain good name as a lawyer. She has helped many to win defamation cases very easily and Johnny Depp is the prime example.

How much is Joelle Rich?

The Joelle Rich net worth is calculated as $1.15 million. The lawyer spotted number of times with actor at different places.

Some claimed that their chemistry is great. Maybe they are just good friends or something is cooking between them.

Joelle Rich is also available on the Instagram and LinkedIn profile.

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