Louisville Cheerleader Eric Ortiz Death cause and obituary

Who was Eric Ortiz? The cheerleader from Louisville passed away. Fans mourned on his death on the social media. Read the full story

The loss of a friend, teammate or brother is devastating and heart-wrenching. Today has been rough for the fans; they feel crushed knowing that Eric wouldn’t want to mourn him but instead smile as always with happy thoughts in the heads about how great he was while experiencing these times. The passing of the Eric Ortiz is very heart-breaking and shocking. The news has been confirmed via post uploaded on the Instagram profile.

Who was Eric Ortiz?

Eric Ortiz was the cheerleader who was known in Louisville for his work. He appeared into the major leagues and tournaments.

It is a shame that such an awesome person has passed away. The entire cheer community, including sports fans were all heartbroken when they heard about what happened last week.

The obituary for the death of the Eric Ortiz was posted on October 22 as family and friends confirmed the death news of the young cheerleader.

A huge crown and sports lovers paid tribute to the young talent as it is a very devastating news for local fans.

Eric Ortiz as Cheerleader

Eric Ortiz was a famous cheerleader and talented personality from Louisville.

As many fans and players of the university remembered the cheerleader and paid tribute to him on the social media. He was very professional and got the quick fans following for his work and job. The demise of the young cheerleader from Louisville is very saddening and heart-breaking.

Also he was spotted at the major events and tournaments with celebrity stars on ground.

Eric Ortiz Death Cause and Obituary

Eric Ortiz died on October 22, 2022 after the obituary was announced by the family. The exact reason of the death of cheerleader is not revealed or disclosed yet. Eric is a 10 National Champion and 2x World champion. He was really talented as many of friends suffered from the sudden death of the Eric Ortiz.

Gabi Butler also posted a long emotional message for him on her Instagram account.

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We are all terribly sad to hear about the passing of your loved one. Our thoughts and prayers go out for you during this difficult time in your life, as we remember those who have lost their lives too soon before they should’ve had so much more ahead with us here on Earth.

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