Rapper Hurricane G is dead, Gloria Rodriguez passed away (obituary)

Who was the popular rapper Hurricane G who passed away on November 07. Community mourns over the artist’s death on the social media. The Hip Hop community has lost another legend today. Erick Sermon announced the passing of former Def Squad/Hit Squad artist Hurricane G, who was a member of Diddy’s label and worked with Biggie Smalls on their song “I’ll Be There.” The world of rap music lost one its most popular artists this past November when Hurricane G passed away. His death has left a community in grief, but his legacy will live on through songs like “To Be Continued” which are still played at clubs across America today.

Who was Hurricane G?

The Puerto Rican rapper, Hurricane G had a child with Sermon. They both shared an MC duty in their respective music careers and continue to make waves as artists together despite being apart of different labels.

In 2018 she released “Solo” on SM Entertainment’s Girls’ Generation sublabel Ivy Plus while he partnered up again under close friend DJ Khaled’s We the Best imprint which is distributed through TIDAL . The single reached number one across several countries including Brazil where it became his third consecutive Number 1 hit following 2017 singles ‘I Don’t Wanna Know (Remix).

Hurricane G Music and songs

Hurricane G rose to prominence in the mid-90s. As a result, many rappers were inspired and began experimenting with their sound because of this powerful force of nature that came outta nowhere like it always does when you least expect them! In 1994 Gloria made an appearance on Redman’s “Tonight’s da Night” before working on Xzibit’s At The Speed Of Life album which led up perfectly into Deliquent Habits’ eponymousLP later released back then too – what could we say?

Hurricane G Cause of death and obituary news

Hurricane G’s impact cannot be strictly measured in label releases. A true innovator, his diverse list of mixtapes and guest appearances on other artists’ songs make him one to watch for years from now when it comes to Hip Hop artist longevity. The Hurrican G’s cause of death is yet to be revealed to the fans and mainstream media. The label restructured while she was on the roster, ultimately derailing much of her momentum in music.

The fans are devastated from the news of the death of artist as she was one of the most inspiring artists in the industry known for her singing skills.

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