Skylord Death video, freefire star dies in road accident (Abhiyuday Mishra)

The YouTube community shared a breaking sad news about the death of the popular YouTube and gaming star Skylord. Who was he? What happened to him? Skylord is a big name in the Firefire gaming community whose real name is Abhiyuday Mishra. From the last three years, he is making roaster videos on the freefire game and winning the hearts of the fans. Abhiyuday Mishra is a young inspirational and funny YouTuber who made great videos on game topics and tricks. Gyaan Gaming also reacted to his sad and shocking news. Official statements are yet to confirm his death news.

Who was Skylord (Abhiyuday Mishra)?

SkyLord is a gaming YouTuber who is mainly known for making the roaster videos on Freefire. He was a known name in the Freefire community and players. He has an official YouTube channel which has 1 million plus subscribers on it. SkyLord started his YouTube journey in 2020 and in just two years he gained immense fan following and popularity.

His death news is a nightmare for his fans. Many young kids and players follow him for the roast videos and clips. He was an entertaining guy but sadly he is no more between us.

Skylord Cause of Death

The latest reports claimed that the YouTube and gamer died in a tragic road accident. He met with an accident on Sohagpur way on State Highway-22 around 2:00 PM when hit by a truck. He was rushed to the hospital but was already died. Other bikers also got serious injuries.

The fans never expected this news as Abhiyuday Mishra was a very talented and rising gamer in the community. He made every smile from his roast video on the Freefire gameplays.

Skylord was 22-years old. He was born in 2000. Also he was a professional gaming personality who played into the tournaments.

Skylord’s YouTube and fans

The SkyLord’s youtube channel has 1.47 million subscribers which shows how popular he was among the gaming community. He also has 337K fans on his Instagram profile page. His death news has been now officially confirmed on his social media handles. The other big YouTubers also expressed their reactions to this breaking news.

His most popular video has garnered over 2 million views on the YouTube channel. He had also made few videos on Fortnite in the beginning, later started getting fame for the freefire roast videos.

Fans are sad and shocked from Abhiyuday Mishra’s tragic death news.

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