Who was Samkelo Ndlovu? Death Cause of Lumko Johnson’s long-time friend

Fans mourned on the death of Lumko Johnson’s long-time friend Samkelo Ndlovu. Who was she? cause of death and obituary

Samkelo Ndlovu is a famous personality and is the best friend of Lumko Johnson. Lumko Johnson is a lady who was an amazing personality as far as the field of media is concerned. She has apparently died and we are writing this post because of her unfortunate death as of now.

Lumko Johnson as a person was respected all over the world. If you are interested knowing about this person then this the post that you should follow. She has been a huge personality. Her works has made people take notice about her as of now.

Death of Lumko Johnson and reaction of Samkelo Ndlovu

Her death has been the talk of the town. As a famous personality she must have done something right that her death is getting such hype. Her family has actually confirmed her death. As soon as her death news was confirmed her fans felt a really big shock. It was a very terrible shocking news for them. Many of her colleagues also took to Instagram to share their condolences.

Fans are sad from the Samkelo Ndlovu news

One such celebrity who went to Twitter to share her sadness is Samkelo Ndlovu who is her best friend is deeply saddened by thought that she cannot meet her friend anymore. People are unable to console her too after the death news has broken out.
According to her she cannot share her music with anyone know before it gets released. Both these best friends were emotionally supportive to each other and death of Lumko Johnson is obviously impacting her. She was also a LGBTQIA+ supporter too.

Death cause of Lumko Johnson

As of now the death cause of Lumko Johnson has not been shared by her family yet. We are expecting that we can know the reason very soon so that we can share it here. Lumko Johnson was a famous TV presenter who was also known as “Lumkeezy” passed away on September 14. He was mainly popular as the gay designer for the magazines and fashions. Celebrities and fans also reacted to the death news of the stars.

Samkelo Ndlovu was also a star who had appeared on Television and movies as an actress who has 3.1 million followers on the Instagram.

The net worth is Lumko Johnson is $1.3 million dollar.

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