Who was Steve Dezember? Story of Hope for Steve and marriage

We are remembering the man who proposed to girlfriend two days after ALS diagnosis. The brave man who inspired and fight for love 6 years later. We are remebering Steve Dezember and his love story of an unconditional love.

Love stories are seen in movies they say but they never say that these love stories are actually inspired by the real life love stories. One such love story that will help you gain trust in love is the love story of Steve and Hope.

Love is a beautiful thing, but it can be tough to find the one who’s right for you. Luckily there are some great movies out in which romantic love stories between two people against all odds prove that true happiness does exist and hope will always keep them strong until their closure at last! One such example would be Steve & Hope- an inspiring tale about what happens when opposites attract. Also, a documentary movie Hope for Steve was made on their life which was released in 2014.

Steve Dezember when he came to know that he is suffering from ALS after consulting with a doctor while he was already in relationship with Hope Dezember for 6 months. When he came to know he thought about his 6 month old relation and his girlfriend. That was really a sad time for him to be true.

There was a problem with ALS and he wanted to break up to help his girlfriend have a good life. Then he proposed her to marry with him. After that she accepted that proposal because she wanted to stay with him. He proposed to her after knowing about his girlfriend’s ALS diagnosis. It was a cute proposal and she said yes. The documentary movie Hope for Steve (2014) is based on their life. It shows the beautiful life and struggles of Hope and Steve which they faced together.

He actually had already got the ring for Hope but he had also said that he would totally understand if Hope would not want to go ahead. She was like she would not go anywhere and would rather stay with him because she loved him. In October, 2021 both of them married as a happy couple very easily.

Now they are finding that marriage pretty interesting and are having life as a great normal couple. After 2013 even after the doctors inserted the tube, Steve could not talk at all. Hope is unable to hear her husband at all as of now since 2013 itself.

That is pretty hard in general but according to her she finds him cute just like the day they both met. It is great to see both persisting with what we call love. He types in machine to talk. According to him he likes to check out stocks usually and that is nice.

It’s great to see their togetherness and love, despite all of their differences. The couple is an inpiration for many who are going through same stage. The documentary got the rating of 8.5/10 on IMDB site.

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